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About Usable Web

(January 2003) I am no longer adding links to Usable Web - officially. I had only added a few links in all of 2002, so this should not be news to anyone who has been paying attention. Now I am just making it official.

I will keep the current set of links working - deleting broken links every month or so. But that is it.

June 2003 update: I moved everything to a new server - this broke a few things but the basic site lives on.

February 2005 update: Fine-tuned the list of links below, but otherwise, did not touch anything.

November 2006 update: Removed more broken links.

November 2012: Working on a new version.

Other places for web usability links

There are a lot of other places where you can get links about web usability. Here are some of the places I find most useful (in no particular order).

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