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WWW conference (4 links)

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Research-oriented annual event on Web technology.

Organized in part by the W3C, it has been slowly adding more human issues each conference.

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WWW 10
May 1-5, 2001, Hong Kong.

Tenth Intermational World Wide Web Conference topics include:

  • User interface and interactions
  • Web navigation strategies
  • Hypertext and hypermedia

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November 1, 2000


May 15-19, 2000, The Netherlands.

The Ninth International World Wide Web Conference included "user interfaces" as a primary topic for submission.

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December 31, 1999


WWW8 conference
May 11-14, 1999, Toronto, Canada.

The Eighth International World Wide Web Conference brought together leaders from academia, research organizations, government and industry, and offered delegates a chance to gain a global perspective of the issues facing the Web community.

The conference consisted of refereed paper sessions, poster and panel sessions, keynote and invited speakers, a W3C track, an industrial track, tutorials, workshops, an exhibition, and a developers day where the most recent technology developments were discussed.

Specifically of interest:

  • Workshop: Adaptive Systems and User Modeling
  • Developers Day session: Accessibility: Software and Design
  • Poster: Towards a usermetric tool to improve web accessibility
  • Paper session: Multimedia and User Interaction
  • Paper session: Links
  • Panel: Town Meeting - Successful Web Design
  • Paper session: Hypertext and Hypermedia
  • Panel: Agents vs Direct Manipulation -- What's Best to Disentangle the Web?

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October 4, 1998


Web Interface Design: Learning from our Past
Paper from the WWW4 workshop on access to legacy data.

Richard H. Miller provides advice on how to port a legacy system to the Web without just porting its user interface. That is, the data can be ported, but the UI should be redesigned to take advantage of Web technology (and to avoid Web shortcomings).

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December 24, 1995

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