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Error Messages (6 links)

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How to deal with 404 errors effectively.

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More website manner tips (with Keith Instone)
Various ways I deal with 404 errors on Usable Web.

  • Fixing common errors automatically (redirects)
  • Semi-automatically forwarding errors (so authors know they made a mistake in their link)
  • On the back end, every error that I have not addressed specifically creates an email to me, so it is hard for me to ignore them

Destination: theory (6)
Author: Baker, Adam (6)
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March 15, 2001


Useful "Page not found" error pages ... ror_pages/4090/4299/index.html
Examples (good and bad) and advice.

Destination: (13)
Author: Menon, Madhu (1)
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December 25, 2000


What makes a good 404 error page?
Part of the 404 Research Lab page on how to customize your 404 error messages.

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October 13, 2000


Making the most of your 404 page
PDF includes section on turning error into advantage.

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April 19, 2000


Error Pages: The 404 Experience

Author: Olson, Ross (1)
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August 8, 1999


Improving the Dreaded 404 Error Message
Sidebar to Alertbox column on linkrot.

Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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April 28, 1999

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