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World Wide Web Consortium (8 links)

W3C is in charge of the standards of the Web that make it interoperable.

The standards set by the W3C (HTML, HTTP, CSS, PNG, etc.) all have a great impact on how easy to use the software built on top is.

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Common User Agent Problems
Common browser problems from non-standard behavior.

Authors: Dubost, Karl (1); Haas, Hugo (1); Jacobs, Ian (1)
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February 6, 2001


Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
Web Accessibility Initiative guidelines for universal access to web content.

The guidelines help to make content accessible to people with disabilities:

  • Provide equivalent alternatives to auditory and visual content.
  • Don't rely on color alone.
  • Use markup and style sheets properly.
  • Clarify natural language usage
  • Create tables that transform gracefully.
  • Ensure that pages featuring new technologies transform gracefully.
  • Ensure user control of time-sensitive content changes.
  • Ensure direct accessibility of embedded user interfaces.
  • Design for device-independence.
  • Use interim solutions.
  • Use W3C technologies and guidelines.
  • Provide context and orientation information.
  • Provide clear navigation mechanisms.
  • Ensure that documents are clear and simple.

Information on themes, conformance and priorities are also given. WAI is a W3C initiative. On March 24, 1999, became a "proposed recommendation".

Topics: Accessibility (19), Comprehensive Guidelines (7)
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April 11, 1999


W3C HTML Validator
Check HTML with the standard.

World Wide Web Consortium's checker is the definitive HTML validator. It is recommended to verify with HTML 4.0 now. Has links into the standards documents to make it easy to track down the reasons behind the errors.

A graphic is provided to advertise on pages that pass the test.

Topics: Technology (18), Tools (15)
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January 7, 1999


Shaping the Future of HTML
W3C workshop, May 4-5, San Francisco, CA.

Is HTML 4.0 the last HTML? Does XML mean the end of HTML? Has W3C given up on HTML?

Participants had a chance to discuss their views directly with the designers of HTML. The workshop will help W3C Members and Staff evaluate issues and challenges to be met by future versions of HTML.

Topics: Past Events (48), Technology (18)
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April 15, 1998


WWW conference
Research-oriented annual event on Web technology.

Organized in part by the W3C, it has been slowly adding more human issues each conference.

See Topic WWW conference

February 23, 1998


W3C User Interface Domain
Group at W3C concerned with improving the technology behind the Web user interface.

Responsibilities of the team include HTML, style sheets, graphics and fonts.

Topic: Technology (18)
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May 30, 1997

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