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In-depth tutorials/seminars from companies and as part of conferences.

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The Science and Art of Effective Web Design
Human Factors International's new course.

Destination: Human Factors International (4)
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July 1, 2001


Teach, Info.Design
Courses on information architecture principles and applications.

Topic:  (27)
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February 15, 2000


Usability Engineering for e-Business
Weinschenk course on designing usable e-commerce sites.

Dates: July 11-12, October 10-11, 2000.

Two-day course from the Weinschenk Consulting Group. Topics include:

  • How to design a usable e-commerce site
  • Why to make it usable
  • How to evaluate it for usability
  • How to fix the usability problems

Topic: Ecommerce (25)
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December 31, 1999


Needs Assessment and Evaluation of Information Systems

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May 11, 1999


Design Technologies Rapid Evaluation of Web Site Usability Course

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January 5, 1999

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