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Style Sheets (5 links)

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Cascading Style Sheets allow the format to be separated from the content.

By separating presentation from the content, search engines can provide better indexes and users with special needs can be accommodated better.

The goal is to give authors the ability to precisely specify what they want, but allow users to override it when necessary.

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Elements of Style
4 step method to using CSS starts with knowing your audience.

Destination: Web Techniques (20)
Author: Holzschlag, Molly (2)
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March 2, 2001


The CSS Anarchist's Cookbook
Can your site survive style sheet anarchy?

Stylesheets are giving more power to users, a trend that is continuing. Your design can fight back against user control of elements of the user interface, or it can embrace it.

Here we get some radical user style sheet ideas. It is not realistic to expect them from too many users, but testing your design and implementation with them might uncover legitimate usability problems.

Author: Meyer, Eric (1)
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September 5, 2000


Style Sheets - Second Glances
Design and usability considerations of CSS.

By separating format and content, cascading style sheets can lead to more usable pages, especially for a variety of user agents.

Still, be careful about messing with link styles.

Destination: All Things Web (11)
Author: Sullivan, Terry (12)
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September 16, 1997


Cascading Style Sheets Specification
CSS standard explained by its authors.

Hakon Wium Lie and Bert Bos. From the Advancing HTML: Style and Substance issue of the WWW Journal.

Specifies Level 1 of the Cascading Style Sheet mechanism (CSS1), from late 1996.

Destination: WWW Journal (5)
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September 15, 1997


Effective Use of Style Sheets
Implementation advice for CSS.

For Cascading Style Sheets to be used effectively, you should have a centralized style, provide examples for your authors, but allow some embedded style deviations. Plenty of implementation advice offered as well. July 1, 1997, Alertbox.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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July 1, 1997

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