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Intercultural (6 links)

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Globalization, internationalization, localization for the web.

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Usability Around the Globe: Resources

Topic: Link Collections (21)
Destination: WebWord (25)
Author: Rhodes, John (13)
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January 8, 2001


SIGCHI Intercultural Issues
Links to information on intercultural issues in human-computer interaction.

Includes a section on usability issues. By Gary Perlman, based on records in the HCI Bbiliography.

Topic: Link Collections (21)
Destination: SIGCHI (19)
Author: Perlman, Gary (7)
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August 13, 2000


International usability forum
Best practice discussions concerning web sites for international use.

Destination: Yahoo! Groups (4)
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March 22, 2000


Global Web: Driving the International Network Economy
Culture, infrastructure, and geography are the biggest global Web problems.

In general, non-US sites are ahead of the game because they recognize international issues better.

Includes link to some reader comments.

Alertbox, April 19, 1998, by Jakob Nielsen.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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May 5, 1998


Internationalizing Your Web Site
Measurements, currency, addresses, characters.

Destination: Web Techniques (20)
Author: Hickman, Nancy (1)
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March 27, 1998


International Web Usability
International design issues specific to the Web.

Alertbox for August 1996. The problems of international user interfaces are exaggerated because of the nature of the Web. Still, old rules apply, like avoid offending other cultures with your terms or icons. The Web can make it easier to do usability testing with international audiences. Also covered are languages and printing.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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August 3, 1996

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