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Good Documents (3 links)

How to write everyday documents.

Focus on making usable documents for intranets, but certainly the techniques are applicable elsewhere.

Sections on where to apply the ideas, some philosophy behind them, techniques and samples.

Areas to be addressed include:

  • How to organize: What should be in each page
  • How to write summaries: Which words should you use and what typography goes with them
  • How to write links: What should be at the link site
  • How to write the text: What writing style works?
  • How to use backgrounds: Which "looks" give the right feel

Site started by Dan Bricklin of Trellix Corporation.

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Usability Test of Good Documents Site
Transcripts from usability test of the Good Documents web site.

Covers simple narrative responses (as opposed to performance measurements) focusing on factors that helped or prevented readers from grasping the content.

8 users in the study, April 1998.

Topic: Case Studies (8)
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June 21, 1998


Test new Document Designs
Test documents where saving time saves lots of money.

About the value of user testing for intranet documents, where every lost minute costs your company money.

From Good Documents site, by Dan Bricklin.

Topics: User Testing (17), Intranet (11)
Author: Bricklin, Dan (2)
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June 21, 1998


When (and How) to Use Frames
Explains some good uses for frames, with examples.

Tells when to use frames (page identification, navigation, tours) and gives design ideas on how to use frames (bookmarkable, only one scrollbar, "You are here", how not to use them).

Links to related material on how frames work and what others say about them.

From Good Documents site, by Dan Bricklin.

Topic: Frames (6)
Author: Bricklin, Dan (2)
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June 21, 1998

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