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Frames (6 links)

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The usability of frames must be understood in order to utilize them effectively.

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Some Caveats with Using Frames
Adrian Roselli's list of issues that frames raise.

Frames are not evil, but can cause problems with:

  • Bookmarks
  • Links (and the law)
  • Security
  • Proper naming of frames
  • Search engines
  • Interface design (separating content from navigation)
  • Accessibility
  • Design (the details needed to make frames work well)
  • Other options, like server-side includes

Includes many good links to related information.

From, July 27, 1999.

Destination: (13)
Author: Roselli, Adrian (6)
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August 1, 1999


Frames: Information vs. Application
Rules of thumb for frame design.

Peter Merholz's advice about using frames:

  • information-centered Web site: bad idea because of bookmarking/linking, need for JavaScript, search engines, navigation feedback
  • web application: good idea since most of the above problems go away

Destination: peterme (4)
Author: Merholz, Peter (7)
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September 30, 1998


When (and How) to Use Frames
Explains some good uses for frames, with examples.

Tells when to use frames (page identification, navigation, tours) and gives design ideas on how to use frames (bookmarkable, only one scrollbar, "You are here", how not to use them).

Links to related material on how frames work and what others say about them.

From Good Documents site, by Dan Bricklin.

Destination: Good Documents (3)
Author: Bricklin, Dan (2)
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June 21, 1998


Frames Redux
Mechanical and technical problems with frames.

Navigational complexity and broken URLs are the biggest problems.

Destination: All Things Web (11)
Author: Sullivan, Terry (12)
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September 16, 1997


What's wrong with frames?
Theoretical and technical objections to frames proposal.

The Netscape frames proposal is bad because:

  • Focus is on layout and not structure
  • Framesets are not addressable
  • Incompatible with older browsers

From Web Design Group.

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June 14, 1997


Why Frames Suck (Most of the Time)
Fundamental and implementation problems with frames.

December, 1996, Alertbox by Jakob Nielsen that provides advice on using frames properly.

Topic: Issues (18)
Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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December 2, 1996

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