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User Testing (17 links)

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Conducting usability tests with users.

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One-Day Usability Testing
Finding participants and running tests in less than a day.

Destination: ClickZ (31)
Author: Hurst, Aaron (1)
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October 5, 2000


Usability Testing Basics
Introduction for marketing folks.

Explorative, assessment, evaluation testing are described.

Destination: ClickZ (31)
Author: Graham, Jeffrey (3)
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July 17, 2000


Getting Started with Usability Testing ... h_Usability_Testing/4090/1604/

Destination: (13)
Author: Dijck, Peter van (5)
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April 7, 2000


Why You Only Need to Test With 5 Users
Test with 5, iterate.

A mathematical model of usability problems is presented to show the value of testing with about 5 users: any more and you are getting diminishing returns that are not worth the investment.

Alertbox, March 19, 2000.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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March 20, 2000


Why You Need to Test Your Web Site with Real Users

Destination: (7)
Author: Wakeman, Lois (1)
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January 11, 2000


Usability Testing
Intro to user testing, originally from Borland's Developer News.

Destination: Designing Ways (10)
Author: Petersen, Constance (10)
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November 20, 1999


Comparative Evaluation of Usability Tests 2
Research reports comparing multiple teams testing of the same product.

In this research study, nine teams of usability engineers tested and the results were compared to see what was similar and what was different.

Some of the results:

  • 75% of the errors were found by only 1 team
  • "If Hotmail is typical, then the total number of usability problems for a typical web-site is huge, much larger than you can hope to find in one series of usability tests"

The details are in the form of Word, PDF and PowerPoint files, largely from a CHI 99 panel.

Topic: Research (35)
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June 22, 1999


Mazed and Confused
Bottom-line focused article on the value of usability testing.

The business case for making web sites that are easy to use: the benefits in traffic, sales and happy customers far outweigh the cost to do usability testing and other techniques.

This article specifically covers:

  • How much money a confusing site can lose
  • How much it can cost to make a site easier to use
  • When to hire outside help or do the usability testing yourself
  • Case studies from Charles Schwab (high budget) and Healtheon (low budget)
  • Other ways to know your customer

Topic: Value (10)
Destination: CIO WebBusiness (20)
Author: Kalin, Sari (1)
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April 4, 1999


Usability Testing for Web Design

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March 13, 1999


When to Outsource the Recruiting of Test Users
For intranets, use your own employees.

For tests where a broad range of users is needed, you may want to use an outside source to recruit participants. Finding and scheduling subjects for a usability test can be time-consuming.

Sidebar to 'Cost of user testing' Alertbox, May 3, 1998, by Jakob Nielsen.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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February 24, 1999


Going Forward: Usability Testing the Web Site

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November 4, 1998


Test new Document Designs
Test documents where saving time saves lots of money.

About the value of user testing for intranet documents, where every lost minute costs your company money.

From Good Documents site, by Dan Bricklin.

Topic: Intranet (11)
Destination: Good Documents (3)
Author: Bricklin, Dan (2)
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June 21, 1998


User Testing: How to find out what users want
Introductory how-to article on user testing.

Good first-read for people who are not familiar with user testing. Sections:

  • Introduction
  • Planning the Setup
  • Deciding on a Facilitator
  • Finding Participants
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Analyzing the Results

By Jennifer Fleming, from ANCHOR, a site devoted to the professional needs of the web development community

Destination: (2)
Author: Fleming, Jennifer (3)
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June 21, 1998


Cost of User Testing a Website
Beginners need a week to test a site with users.

With experience, you can do it in 2 days.

Baseline given for your own usability studies, to help you get a feeling for how your tests are going:

  • the average site has 11 usability catastrophes on average
  • users are only able to complete 42% of the test tasks
  • users' average subjective rating of websites is 4.9 on a 1-7 scale

Do user testing to find site-level usability problems and do heuristic evaluation for page-level improvements.

Alertbox, May 3, 1998, by Jakob Nielsen.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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May 5, 1998


Usability Testing World Wide Web Sites
Workshop at CHI 97 about many aspects of Web usability testing.

Position papers include discussion of: rapid evaluation (Laskowski), large institutional sites (Marchionini), downloading software (Kantner), to name just a few. All are interesting reading.

Topics: Past Events (48), CHI (16)
Destination: SIGCHI (19)
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May 1, 1997


If They Don't Test, Don't Hire Them

Destination: Ask Tog (12)
Author: Tognazzini, Bruce (11)
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Professional Website Usability

Author: Kirby, Lauren (1)
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