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Computing society, non-SIGCHI stuff.

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August 17-19, 2000, New York City, USA.

ACM SIGCHI's Designing Interactive Systems conference about "the process of designing interactive systems in the context of real design practice".

E-commerce sites were just one web-oriented type of system that may have been covered.

Topic: Design Tips (41)
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April 9, 2000


Links to Accessibility Resources
Via The HCI Bibliography, for SIGCAPH.

Topics: Accessibility (19), Link Collections (21)
Author: Perlman, Gary (7)
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March 3, 2000


CUU 2000
November 16-17, 2000, Washington, DC, USA.

The ACM Conference on Universal Usability is the "design arm" of economic and social movements for greater equity in access to technology.

CUU focused on evaluating user interfaces, accommodating various attributes, and methodologies for gaining better understanding of users' needs. The web will certainly play a major role in universal access.

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December 31, 1999


SIGIR Forum, Fall 1999

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December 12, 1999


November 7-10, 1999, North Carolina, USA.

User Interface Software and Technology is the premier forum for innovations in developing human-computer interfaces.

Papers, TechNotes, Panels, and Demos were sought on a wide range of user interface topics.

Past UISTs have included web interaction techniques.

Topic: Past Events (48)
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December 4, 1998


Hypertext '99
February 21-25, 1999, Darmstadt, Germany.

The 10th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia included "World Wide Web applications and extensions" as a topic, but just about everything "hypertext" is applicable to the web nowadays.

A few items of interest from the advance program:

  • Abstract Tasks: a Tool for the Inspection of web Sites
  • Reconciling open hypermedia and World Wide Web research
  • Adaptive Hypermedia (panel)
  • Visualizing and Assessing Navigation in Hypertext

Topics: Past Events (48), Hypermedia (10)
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December 4, 1998


ACM's SIG on hypertext, hypermedia and the web.

SIGWEB is a special interest group on hypertext and hypermedia. It sponsors the annual "Hypertext" conference, home to much of the best hypertext research.

Used to be known as SIGLINK.

Topic: Profession (13)
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December 3, 1998


November 14-18, 1998, Seattle, USA.

ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work. Papers of note:

  • Collaborative Customer Services Using Synchronous Web Browser Sharing
  • Talking to Customers on the Web: A Comparison of Three Voice Alternatives
  • Artefact: A Framework for Low-Overhead Web-Based Collaborative Systems
  • Evaluating Emergent Collaboration on the Web

Topic: Past Events (48)
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May 29, 1998


November 1-4, San Francisco, California, USA.

UIST '98 is the premier forum for innovations in developing human-computer interfaces. In the past UIST has covered web user interfaces somewhat.

Topic: Past Events (48)
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March 8, 1998


Assets '98
April 15-17, California, USA.

Topics included using Web technology to enhance communication for people with disabilities.

Sponsored by the ACM's Special Interest Group on Computers and the Physically Handicapped.

Topics: Past Events (48), Accessibility (19)
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October 1, 1997


NetWorker Magazine
"The craft of network computing".

Published by ACM. The editorial board has some big names from the HCI field, so you know it will be covering the human side.

Topic: Periodicals (5)
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July 24, 1997


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UIST 2000

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November 11-13, Washington DC, USA.

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