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Overall advice and examples of usable designs.

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Color Design for the Web

Author: Singh, Vaishali (1)
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June 28, 2001


KISS Your Visitors if You Want Them Back
Fast and obvious are two ways to keep it simple.

Destination: ClickZ (31)
Author: Eisenberg, Bryan (4)
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April 30, 2001


Visual Architecture: The Rule of Three
Symbolic communication for short attention spans.

Destination: Digital Web Magazine (6)
Author: Guevin, Carole (1)
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April 13, 2001


The Architecture of Online
Adding task-analysis design to have form and function be one.

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March 15, 2001


Website posture & manner
Users should be gently directed, not interrogated.

Destination: theory (6)
Author: Baker, Adam (6)
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February 15, 2001


The Role of Flow in Web Design
Flow in site structure and tasks helps it go unnoticed.

Destination: uiweb (6)
Author: Berkun, Scott (6)
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January 14, 2001


Invasion of the Usability Experts

Destination: Web Techniques (20)
Author: Dougherty, Dale (1)
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January 12, 2001


10 Critical Design Factors of e-Loyalty
You must first meet the basics of Web usability.

After you nail the critical basics, here are 10 ways to go from good to great:

  • Your First Impression
  • Make it Simple
  • Design for MVC's
  • Value and Trust
  • Start & Continue Dialogue
  • Build Community
  • Deliver Entire Sales Cycle
  • The Best Service
  • Easy to Recommend
  • Opportunity Cost to Defect

Topic: Ecommerce (25)
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November 7, 2000


It's a matter of style - GUI versus the Web

Destination: IBM (9)
Author: Berry, Dick (2)
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October 20, 2000


Who's REALLY Running Your Store?
Customers probably do not want the technology envelope pushed.

Destination: GROK dot com (10)
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June 15, 2000


August 17-19, 2000, New York City, USA.

ACM SIGCHI's Designing Interactive Systems conference about "the process of designing interactive systems in the context of real design practice".

E-commerce sites were just one web-oriented type of system that may have been covered.

Topic:  (9)
Destination: ACM (14)
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April 9, 2000


Make Your Site a Better Information Delivery Tool

Destination: ClickZ (31)
Author: Kuegler, Tom (1)
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April 7, 2000


Latest Isn't Always Greatest
Keep it mean, lean and clean

The goal of site navigation should be to help someone get there in a hurry.

Not supporting older browsers is a bad message to send to customers as well.

By David Strom, Webwatch column in Software Development Times.

Author: Strom, David (1)
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March 14, 2000


Unsexy and Unstoppable ... 0_01_24_unsexy_unstoppable.htm
Simplicity is at the heart of the Internet.

About lessons to learn from AOL and serving customers.

Author: McGovern, Gerry (3)
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January 28, 2000


The Web's Identity Crisis
On the conflict between being creative and usable (bland?).

Mark Hurst's article on's Yahoo-like redesign and apparent "confession" by its art director.

I am suspicious that it is all a big joke by, but it does raise issues about serving the customer first and not letting either the "art" or the "science" dominate.

It is a daily struggle for many between "usable" and "pretty". Here we have both extremes at once.

Of course, the true answer lies somewhere in between....

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January 21, 2000


Liquid Web Design
Ice, Jell-o and Liquid design.

Destination: Digital Web Magazine (6)
Author: Finck, Nick (3)
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November 1, 1999


In Praise Of Plain Web Sites
Forget facelifts, make it functional.

Destination: ClickZ (31)
Author: Fischler, Michael (1)
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October 12, 1999


Ten Good Deeds in Web Design
Alertbox of 10 do's to go with 30 of Nielsen's don'ts.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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October 4, 1999


How to Avoid Foolish Consistency
Choose usability over consistency.

Includes sections on consistency for the web and rules of thumb for consistency.

MSDN article by Scott Berkun, September/October 1999.

Destination: uiweb (6)
Author: Berkun, Scott (6)
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September 26, 1999


David Siegel Interviewed
"I am not trying to win any design awards for my clients any more."

About Siegel's change of heart, because consumers didn't like the beautiful sites.

By David Walker, part of his Lighthouse site. The page is not dated (shame, shame) but I believe the interview was conducted in October, 1998.

Topic: Interviews (15)
Destination: Lighthouse (6)
Author: Walker, David (4)
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August 14, 1999


The Sorry State of Web Design
Tog rant about ineffective browsers and poor page design to overcome them.

Destination: Ask Tog (12)
Author: Tognazzini, Bruce (11)
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July 18, 1999


Site Design: Designing in Quality

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May 31, 1999


Maximum Security

Destination: Ask Tog (12)
Author: Tognazzini, Bruce (11)
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April 19, 1999


Art and the Zen of web sites

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March 21, 1999


Differences Between Print Design and Web Design
A great print design is likely to be a lousy web design.

The big canvas size and controlled layout makes print visually superior; Web interaction can be more engaging, if only designs would focus on the strength of the Web rather than its weaknesses.

January 24, 1999, Alertbox by Jakob Nielsen.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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January 24, 1999


Seven Deadly Sins of Information Design ... /studio/feature19980729-1.html
List of things that may be easy to forget to do.

The 7 sins that are too important to ignore:

  1. Forgetting who your users are
  2. Not creating a flowchart
  3. Not organizing your content
  4. Not using consistent navigation
  5. Using unclear link colors
  6. Using the TITLE tag incorrectly
  7. Not looking ahead

Netcenter, Computing & Internet, Web Building, Studio article by Drue Miller.

Destination: Web Building Studio (4)
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August 17, 1998


A Visit with vivid studios: Information Design in Action ... /studio/feature19980729-3.html

Topic: Interviews (15)
Destination: Web Building Studio (4)
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July 29, 1998


Ten Design-less Rules for Successful Web Design
Ten tips that do not preach specific design rules.

Rather than tell you what is right or wrong, Nick Ragouzis provides 10 ways to help you figure it out for yourself:

  • Professional interaction design
  • Understand the economics
  • Multi-disciplinary
  • Design vs. engineering
  • Educate producers
  • Service and experience
  • Contests
  • Charge
  • Push the technology
  • Ignore other rules

Author: Ragouzis, Nick (2)
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May 30, 1998


Misbegotten Rules of Web Design
About teaching design rather than writing rules.

Anti-guideline rant by Nick Ragouzis.

Author: Ragouzis, Nick (2)
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May 29, 1998


Yet Another Style Guide, 1.1
By Michael Vorburger.

Has sections on:

  • General Considerations
  • Language and Culture
  • Structure
  • Graphical Design
  • Technical Aspects
  • Controversial points

Author: Vorburger, Michael (1)
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May 29, 1998


Web Page Design for Designers
Aimed at people from print design and typography.

Some of the more interesting sections:

  • Navigation - talks about buttons and making them clickable
  • Limitations - designing for the interpreted page
  • Razzamatazz - browser limitations

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May 5, 1998


Designing a Business Web Site
Links to articles on general business website design.

Articles on all aspects of design, with a business slant. Good descriptions to help you decide which to read.

Wilson Internet Services brings us this section of the Web Marketing Info Center.

Topic: Link Collections (21)
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May 5, 1998


Problems with Navigating in Web Applications
Usability problems with applications, where users perform actions.

Users get confused when the navigation models of the Web and applications collide. Specifically, users have trouble with:

  • Knowing where you are and where you are going
  • Losing users and losing work
  • Separating the browser & applications
  • Lack of context
  • Delays caused by network connections

By Hal Shubin & Margaret M. Meehan. Has downloadable version.

Topic: Applets (6)
Authors: Shubin, Hal (2); Meehan, Margaret (1)
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October 21, 1997


Something 4 Nothing Web Pages
Simple use of tables and background colors for readable sites.

Tips on how to make not-bad sites without all of the multimedia bells and whistles, so the content is still usable.

By Scott Clark, for Web Developer.

Author: Clark, Scott (1)
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October 13, 1997


Timeless Principles of Design
Four basic design principles.

Problem definition, target audience, information organization, and user interface and execution.

The user interface section includes 10 guidelines for developing a graphical user interface:

  1. Create an intuitive system
  2. interpret consistently
  3. use logical progression
  4. anticipate user error
  5. make the nature of functions apparent
  6. focus on content
  7. provide feedback
  8. distinguish between actions
  9. allow speed control
  10. design appropriately

Destination: Web Techniques (20)
Authors: Mok, Clement (1); Zauderer, Vic (1)
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October 1, 1997


Design Fundamentals
Index to ATW articles on basic design questions.

Article topics include: Clear and concise, document structure and design, WYSIWYG.

Destination: All Things Web (11)
Author: Sullivan, Terry (12)
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September 16, 1997


The Difference Between Web Design and GUI Design
Designers give up full control on the Web.

Device diversity, user control, and being a part of the whole Web are the main differences between Web and standard GUI design. Alertbox for May 1, 1997.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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May 1, 1997


Simple Guide to HTML Web Page Design
Basic guidelines.

Make things easy to find, Make the important bits quick to show, Help people get back where they were, Let people get right out, Help people remember where they are, Help people follow their interest easily, How big should one page be?, Make pages easy to update, Can people copy your pages?, Be consistent.

By Simon Grant.

Author: Grant, Simon (1)
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December 15, 1996


What Makes a Great Web Site?
Rules of thumb on the essential characteristics of a great site.

Summary: unique, interactive content make it great. Other details pertaining to usability include use standarad HTML and be well organized.

Destination: (7)
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November 18, 1996


Characterization and Assessment of HTML Style Guides
Web guidelines compared with established HCI guidelines.

HTML style guides emphasized common look and feel, information display, and navigation issues. They do not cover application-type advice well.

One conclusion: development of HTML style guides has been less rigorous than others in HCI.

Topic: Research (35)
Destination: CHI Proceedings (10)
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September 16, 1996


Web Design Tips - Useful Tips for Effective Web Design

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