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Hypermedia (10 links)

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General hypermedia knowledge as applied to the Web.

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Hypertext and Hypermedia Symposium

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January 11, 1999


Hypertext '99
February 21-25, 1999, Darmstadt, Germany.

The 10th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia included "World Wide Web applications and extensions" as a topic, but just about everything "hypertext" is applicable to the web nowadays.

A few items of interest from the advance program:

  • Abstract Tasks: a Tool for the Inspection of web Sites
  • Reconciling open hypermedia and World Wide Web research
  • Adaptive Hypermedia (panel)
  • Visualizing and Assessing Navigation in Hypertext

Topic: Past Events (48)
Destination: ACM (14)
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December 4, 1998


HCIBIB on Hypertext, Web, Usability ... usable}}&highlight=checked
Search HCI literature for hypertext/usability papers.

Canned search for "hypertext or hypermedia or world wide web" and "usability or usable" in the HCIBIB. Returned 135 items, including papers from the CHI and Hypertext conferences from the past 10 years.

The HCI Bibliography is a free-access bibliography on Human-Computer Interaction.

Destination: HCI Bibliography (2)
Author: Perlman, Gary (7)
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August 17, 1998


Link Types: a Second Look
Taxonomy of link types from hypermedia research days.

Mark Bernstein takes a look at Randy Trigg's 1983 thesis on link types and adds comments on the need for multivalent messages.

The Web infrastructure does not yet support typed links, of course. Trigg's taxonomy is still interesting to help you think about particular link types for particular Web applications, however.

Topic: Linking (10)
Destination: HypertextNOW (6)
Author: Bernstein, Mark (7)
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October 31, 1997


IJHCS Web Usability Special Issue
The International Journal of Human-Computer Studies special issue on Web usability.


World Wide Web usability: introduction to this special issue.

Designing information-abundant web sites: issues and recommendation.

Fourth generation hypermedia: some missing links for the World Wide Web.

Virtual hierarchies and virtual networks: some lessons from hypermedia usability research applied to the World Wide Web.

How people revisit web pages: empirical findings and implications for the design of history systems.

Gentler: a tool for systematic web authoring.

Dialogical techniques for the design of web sites.

Experience with developing multimedia courseware for the World Wide Web: the need for better tools and clear pedagogy.

Topic: Periodicals (5)
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July 24, 1997


Memex and Beyond
Past and current research in hypermedia.

Major research, educational, and collaborative site with all of the research literature on hypermedia.

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February 17, 1997


The Missing Link Symposium
Report on workshop about connecting Web development with existing hypermedia research.

By Simon Buckingham Shum. Contents:

  • The agenda for user-centred Web R & D
  • What do we know about hypermedia usability?
  • How is the Web different from previous hypermedia systems?
  • How to make the biggest user-centred impact on the Web community?
  • Hotlist for future user-centred Web R & D
  • Abstracts for Symposium Position Papers
  • References
  • Web Resources

Topic: Past Events (48)
Author: Buckingham Shum, Simon (1)
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July 1, 1996


Hypermedia Research and the World Wide Web Workshop
Report on a Hypertext '96 workshop (March 1996).

An attempt to bring together hypertext researchers with Web developers so that the Web can leverage what has already been learned about basic navigation and such.

Topic: Past Events (48)
Destination: (3)
Author: Instone, Keith (5)
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April 2, 1996


Vannevar Bush Symposium

Topic: Past Events (48)
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January 1, 1996


The Curse of Xanadu ... son&topic_set=wiredpeople/
Wired article on Ted Nelson and Xanadu.

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July 6, 1995

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