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Browsers (15 links)

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Browsers are the typical window through which users see the Web.

Articles about browser features, research on browser capabilities, current market shares, and news.

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Usability Research Underlies the Elegance, Ease and Functionality of MSN's New Integrated Web Experience for Consumers ... s/2000/aug00/08-31explorer.asp

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August 31, 2000 Browser Archive
Over 100 different browsers you can test with.

Destination: (13)
Author: Roselli, Adrian (6)
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January 3, 2000


Viewable with any Browser

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August 1, 1999


Stuck With Old Browsers Until 2003

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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April 18, 1999


iCab: New Browser With Structural Navigation

Destination: (9)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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February 23, 1999


Lynx Viewer
See how pages rendered with text-browser Lynx.

Lynx represents a key "lowest common denominator" because it can only handle the text aspects of a web page. If your pages are usable with Lynx, then they are probably also usable with the plethora of other non-typical user agents out there (palm tops, pagers, etc).

Topic: Tools (15)
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January 7, 1999


Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer
See pages with tags removed.

Enter a URL and watch as a script removes certain tags. Can be used to see what a page looks like on (older) browsers that do not implement certain features.

For example, you can have all of the table tags removed to see how a non-table browser might present your page. Other tags you can target include: IMG, FRAME, FONT, CENTER.

Topic: Tools (15)
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January 7, 1999


The Web Standards Project
Fighting for standard implementation of standards in browsers.

A project to push browser makers to stick to W3C specifications for HTML, CSS, XML, etc. It seems as though, for various reasons, the companies that make browsers tend to only partially implement the standards. They like to insert their own way of doing certain key aspects, which makes it a big pain to develop cross-browser applications.

A grass-roots effort that you can join and actively support.

Their resource section provides links to information on web standards.

Topic: Technology (18)
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August 27, 1998


Lack of Navigation Support in v. 4.0 Browsers
Few features help users get around and manage their information needs better.

Browser advances have not been in the navigataion layer, but rather in layout and network access. Jakob Nielsen outlines their lack of structure support and what site designers need to do in order to overcome browser shortcomings.

November 1, 1997, Alertbox.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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November 6, 1997


Internet Explorer 3.0 Usabilty Test
Usability test of IE and Navigator 3.

Objectives were to:

  • Determine which web browser would best suit first time users of the Internet
  • Obtain task timings for important actions on each web browser
  • Compare user productivity with each web browser
  • Determine which web browser users would choose to access the Internet

Tested 75 first-time users on 4 tasks. Users did better with IE "in all areas surveyed".

Commissioned by Microsoft, so you have to wonder a bit about the results.

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October 13, 1997


How People Use WWW Bookmarks
Empirical study leads to 5 properties of personal information spaces.

Users: start small and build incrementally, select only useful items, add value through organization, structure for retrieval, establish a personal view.

These 5 are tied to problems with the Web as a complex information space.

Topic: Research (35)
Destination: CHI Proceedings (10)
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July 16, 1997


This Page Optimized for...Arguing with Customers
Arguments for not customizing your site for a particular browser.

Describes many of the ways users can adjust their browser settings beyond the designer's control. Also has examples of how to turn customized sites into generic ones.

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January 21, 1997


Do Metaphors Make Web Browsers Easier to Use?
Research into different metaphors for web browsing.

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December 1, 1996


Features for the Next Generation of Web Browsers
List of features needed in 1995.

Jakob Nielsen's list of browser improvements include some basic navigation features that are common in other hypermedia systems. July 1995 Alertbox.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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March 12, 1996


A New Paradigm for Browsing the Web
Pages organized into decks.

An attempt to address organization and navigation weaknesses in current browsers

Topic: Research (35)
Destination: CHI Proceedings (10)
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September 16, 1995

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