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McGovern, Gerry (3 links)

Items by McGovern, Gerry.

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Broken Links and Poor Information Architecture Design
Time for IAs to be "written in stone" and not on beer mats.

I guess that makes me qualified to do IA work: "This information architecture was written (by) InStone".

Topic: Linking (10)
Destination: ClickZ (31)
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August 30, 2001


The Fundamentals of Quality Search
Importance of metadata and some tips for good search design.

Topic: Searching (15)
Destination: ClickZ (31)
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January 18, 2001


Unsexy and Unstoppable ... 0_01_24_unsexy_unstoppable.htm
Simplicity is at the heart of the Internet.

About lessons to learn from AOL and serving customers.

Topic: Design Tips (41)
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January 28, 2000

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