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Searching (15 links)

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Searching is a common interface to the Web.

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Designing for Search Engines and Stars
Good page design for people and machines at the same time.

Destination: Digital Web Magazine (6)
Author: Kaiser, Shirley (1)
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April 13, 2001


The Fundamentals of Quality Search
Importance of metadata and some tips for good search design.

Destination: ClickZ (31)
Author: McGovern, Gerry (3)
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January 18, 2001

Author: Bohmann, Kristoffer (5)
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October 10, 2000


So You Think You Need an In-Site Search Engine?
Make your design more effective than searching.

Destination: GROK dot com (10)
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August 1, 2000


Simplify & Sort for Better Searches
Search advice with examples.

Borders, CDNow and Barnes & Noble and others are used as examples for search tips:

  • Make search easy to find on every page
  • Anticipate questions
  • Search results need to have just the right amount of information
  • Let users re-organize the results

By Constance Petersen.

Destination: Designing Ways (10)
Author: Petersen, Constance (10)
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May 15, 2000


Web search results still have human touch
Humans help make usable search results.

A CNET news article about the trend toward customizing and rigging search results. Companies are giving up on the pure technology approach and adding human editors to search engines and directories.

December 27, 1999, by Paul Festa.

Topic: News (20)
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December 27, 1999


Guide to Site Search Tools

Destination: Search Tools (3)
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July 18, 1999


Search Tools: Information Architecture

Topic:  (27)
Destination: Search Tools (3)
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April 14, 1999


What People Search For
Links to live displays and keyword lists from search engines.

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January 9, 1999


What's Wrong with Internet Searching
Study of users and first exposure to a search engine.

Results: users need some understanding of basic Internet concepts in order to carry out successful searches.

Paper first presented at Designing for the Web: Empirical Studies. Republished in DLib magazine, March 1997.

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August 12, 1997


Search Usability
Advice for search interfaces.

User testing of searching leads to these guidelines from Jakob Nielsen:

Search button on every page

Global, not scoped search

Simple, non-boolean search as the default

Alertbox for July 15, 1997.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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July 16, 1997


Clarifying Search: a User Interface Framework for Text Searches
Four-phase framework for designing search user interfaces.

From DLib. By Ben Shneiderman and others.

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January 31, 1997


Signal Detection Analysis of WWW Search Engines ... nf/schlichting/schlichting.htm
Comparison of several search engines.

The top 10 results of several keyword searches evaluated. Hits and misses reported, along with a sensitvity rating.

Destination: HFWeb Proceedings (13)
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September 16, 1996

  14 Related Topics: User Experience

Destination: Search Tools (3)
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Building Search Smarts ... es/Building_Search_Smarts.html

Author: Maislin, Seth (2)
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