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Merholz, Peter (7 links)

Items by Merholz, Peter.

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ASIS&T Summit: Reflections and Projections Panel

Destination: peterme (4)
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March 1, 2001 ... ?inc=020101/02.01.01decon.html

Destination: Deconstructing... (3)
Author: Fleming, Jennifer (3)
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February 2, 2001


Peter Merholz's weblog.

A daily-diary of Peter's life, which is focused on designing web user experiences.

See Destination peterme (4)

August 11, 1999


E-commerce Best Practices

Destination: peterme (4)
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November 29, 1998


Frames: Information vs. Application
Rules of thumb for frame design.

Peter Merholz's advice about using frames:

  • information-centered Web site: bad idea because of bookmarking/linking, need for JavaScript, search engines, navigation feedback
  • web application: good idea since most of the above problems go away

Topic: Frames (6)
Destination: peterme (4)
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September 30, 1998


User-Centered Information Design ... /studio/feature19980729-2.html
Ways to get inside your users' heads.

Methods to help you understand your site's users, because if people cannot use the site, they cannot buy with it.

  • Field research: watch people in the real world
  • Scenarios: stories of typical use of your site
  • Task analysis: map how users move through the site

Netcenter, Computing & Internet, Web Building, Studio article by Peter Merholz.

Topic: User and Task Analysis (7)
Destination: Web Building Studio (4)
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August 17, 1998


Peter Merholz on CHI 98
Web developer's perspective on HCI conference.

Opinions on "HCI Professionals Don't Get The Web" and a summary of a session on Web Information Architecture.

Topic: CHI (16)
Destination: peterme (4)
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May 13, 1998

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