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Applets (6 links)

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Design and implementation of applets.

Applets sit between full-blown desktop applications and information-oriented Web pages.

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Web Apps Discussion List

Topic: Communities (8)
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July 1, 1999


Resolving Conflicts between the Desktop and the Web
Workshop report includes classification of web usage.

This CHI 98 workshop described 3 types of web usage (plus a 4th type outside the browser):

  • Browsing: the most familiar web task
  • Performing transactions: more than just reading; providing information
  • Web applications: applications in browsers
  • Net applications: applications outside browsers

By Carola Fellenz, Jarmo Parkkinen and Hal Shubin.

Topic: CHI (16)
Authors: Fellenz, Carola (1); Parkkinen, Jarmo (1); Shubin, Hal (2)
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October 20, 1998


Does Internet = Web?
Differences between network and hypertext interface.

The Internet is defined as the network that specific user interfaces can be delivered over. The Web, on the other hand, works well for browsing documents.

Implementing services as Web sites versus stand-alone applications is discussed.

September 20, 1998, Alertbox.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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October 5, 1998


Problems with Navigating in Web Applications
Usability problems with applications, where users perform actions.

Users get confused when the navigation models of the Web and applications collide. Specifically, users have trouble with:

  • Knowing where you are and where you are going
  • Losing users and losing work
  • Separating the browser & applications
  • Lack of context
  • Delays caused by network connections

By Hal Shubin & Margaret M. Meehan. Has downloadable version.

Topic: Design Tips (41)
Authors: Shubin, Hal (2); Meehan, Margaret (1)
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October 21, 1997


Applet Usability: Stepping Outside the Page
Functionality vs. Content Applets.

Functionality applets should appear in a separate window since they are mini-applications. Content applets should stay in the browser since they need to stay close to the page content.

Includes other applet usability issues:

  • Progress indicator
  • Double-click

October 15, 1997, Alertbox by Jakob Nielsen.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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October 20, 1997


Self-explanatory Web Design ... ovation/innovation_topnav.html
Differences between traditional software applications and Web applications

Destination: SAP Design Guild (10)
Author: Barnard, Lee (1)
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