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Animation on the screen can be enchanting or distracting.

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Why animate?
Animated content helps, spinning logos hurt.

Destination: Designing Ways (10)
Author: Petersen, Constance (10)
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September 28, 1999


Trials and Tribulations of Web Application Design
Iterations on a single, simple web page.

Bruce Tognazzini's story of the problems encountered designing and building a simple introductory screen for Healtheon. With a lot of user testing, they went through these iterations:

  • Too many choices: open up another browser window to eliminate distractions
  • No more scroll bars: helping new and experienced users max the window
  • Wheezing windows: users caught in an infinite loop
  • Parker the Prairie Dog: distracting animation to the rescue
  • Parker the Permissive Prairie Dog: telling some to look away is OK

Then a new browser feature solves many of their problems...

Topic: Research (35)
Destination: Ask Tog (12)
Author: Tognazzini, Bruce (11)
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May 30, 1998


Guidelines for Multimedia on the Web
Animation, audio, video guidelines.

December, 1995, Alertbox.

Animation advice focuses on only using it when it helps, such as showing change over time.

Video guidelines include advice on subtitles.

Audio is best used as an alternate communication channel, like background music to set the mood.

Also points out that response time is crucial for effective multimedia.

Topics: Comprehensive Guidelines (7), Multimedia (12)
Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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December 25, 1995

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