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Anchordesk (5 links)

ZDNet's daily column sometimes covers usability issues.

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Optimize Your Site's Usability
Impact of users ruling the Internet.

'...usability has become a core competency for business survival in the network economy.'

October 8, 1998, Anchordesk special report by Jakob Nielsen.

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October 8, 1998


Don't Make This Web Site Mistake
Everyone seems to be wasting money on hard-to-use sites.

Ecommerce, corporate and even design firm sites are not effectively grasping the fundamentals for success:

  • Offering what people want (news, content worth researching, products and services worth paying for)
  • Fast
  • Well-maintained
  • Intuitive
  • Organized

October 8, 1998, Anchordesk article by Jesse Berst.

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October 8, 1998


Stupid Ecommerce Tricks
Five ways top web sites drive customers away.

Real ecommerce mistakes from 'In Search of E-Commerce' report:

  • Slow pages
  • Plug-ins and downloads
  • Hard-to-find purchase options
  • Hard-to-find products
  • Links making it easy to leave

July 29, 1998, Anchordesk article by Annette Hamilton.

Topics: Ecommerce (25), News (20)
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July 29, 1998


Seven Deadly Web Site Sins
Anchordesk's list of commandments.

Specific to usability, Jesse Berst gives us these things to avoid:

  • inconsistent navigation
  • broken links
  • browser-specific sites
  • frames
  • opening new windows

The TalkBack section at the bottom of the page includes reader feedback and is equally interesting.

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January 30, 1998


Avoid the #1 Web Site Sin: Slow Loading Pages
September 97 AnchorDesk article on seriousness of slow pages.

Has links to advice on speeding up access (graphic tips, mainly).

Article needs information on other way to speed up pages, plus AnchorDesk should practice what it preaches.

Topics: Speed (10), News (20)
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September 15, 1997

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