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Track the field of web usability, as it is covered by the press.

It may not be complete coverage of web usability, but it is important to see what is deemed 'newsworthy' and what is not.

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Scents and sensibility ... splayStory.cfm?Story_ID=587294
Xerox PARC's Bloodhound assesses usability.

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April 26, 2001


Remember The User's Point Of View
Stories form HP, Google, Metavante, and a bit of history.

Destination: InformationWeek (7)
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April 3, 2001


Fed Opens Web to Disabled,1283,40790,00.html

Topic: Accessibility (19)
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December 21, 2000


Locking Out the Disabled
Access is not so hard.

PCWorld article by Judy Heim. Has an excellent ending section on how to learn more about web accessibility.

Topic: Accessibility (19)
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August 9, 2000


How to Weave a More Useful Web
Nine of the ten Web sites you've looked at today stink.

Cameron Crouch, PC World, talks with Jakob Nielsen about:

  • The One-Click Approval: usability comes first
  • When Unique Isn't Good
  • Content Rules in Site Wars: useful content
  • The E-Commerce Challenge: finding products

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July 19, 2000


Airlines hit snag with online customer service

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March 28, 2000


Big Company Weakened
Fortune 100s have sloppy HTML and broken links.

The blame is pushed around, but some businesses do not see a problem: just something else wrong with the computer.

Jared Spool points out that this is only a small part of the overall usability of the site.

Elizabeth Millard, Business 2.0, January 2000.

Topic: Technology (18)
Destination: Business 2.0 (12)
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February 3, 2000


Web search results still have human touch
Humans help make usable search results.

A CNET news article about the trend toward customizing and rigging search results. Companies are giving up on the pure technology approach and adding human editors to search engines and directories.

December 27, 1999, by Paul Festa.

Topic: Searching (15)
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December 27, 1999


End of URLs as we know 'em?
Common Name standard and how it might help users.

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August 10, 1999


Why we reverted to the former Web site
Went back because old site was fast, clean, and easy to use.

Destination: InfoWorld (12)
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July 26, 1999


IBM's redesign results in a kinder, simpler Web site ... ns/hotsites/hotextra990419.htm
Sales went up 400 percent with easier to navigate site.

Topic: Value (10)
Destination: InfoWorld (12)
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April 19, 1999


Tearing Up the Rules at

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December 22, 1998


Optimize Your Site's Usability
Impact of users ruling the Internet.

'...usability has become a core competency for business survival in the network economy.'

October 8, 1998, Anchordesk special report by Jakob Nielsen.

Topic: Value (10)
Destination: Anchordesk (5)
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October 8, 1998


Don't Make This Web Site Mistake
Everyone seems to be wasting money on hard-to-use sites.

Ecommerce, corporate and even design firm sites are not effectively grasping the fundamentals for success:

  • Offering what people want (news, content worth researching, products and services worth paying for)
  • Fast
  • Well-maintained
  • Intuitive
  • Organized

October 8, 1998, Anchordesk article by Jesse Berst.

Destination: Anchordesk (5)
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October 8, 1998


Stupid Ecommerce Tricks
Five ways top web sites drive customers away.

Real ecommerce mistakes from 'In Search of E-Commerce' report:

  • Slow pages
  • Plug-ins and downloads
  • Hard-to-find purchase options
  • Hard-to-find products
  • Links making it easy to leave

July 29, 1998, Anchordesk article by Annette Hamilton.

Topic: Ecommerce (25)
Destination: Anchordesk (5)
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July 29, 1998


Listen Up
Pay attention to what your users say.

About finding out who your users are, how to involve them in the design process, and how to take advatange of the web to be a better listener.

Includes interview with Wayne Neale on Kodak redesign efforts.

Article from CIO magazine, April, 1998 by Scott Kirsner.

Destination: CIO WebBusiness (20)
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April 5, 1998


Seven Deadly Web Site Sins
Anchordesk's list of commandments.

Specific to usability, Jesse Berst gives us these things to avoid:

  • inconsistent navigation
  • broken links
  • browser-specific sites
  • frames
  • opening new windows

The TalkBack section at the bottom of the page includes reader feedback and is equally interesting.

Destination: Anchordesk (5)
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January 30, 1998


Fixing Web-site Usability ... .pl?/features/971215webfix.htm
How to let visitors to your Web site cut through the document maze.

Quotes from Jared Spool, Steven Nelson, Murray Maloney, Jakob Nielsen, and Lucy Lockwood. The collection of topics covered include:

  • User testing
  • UIE findings
  • Creating good links and navigation mechanisms
  • Confusing market research with usability testing
  • Importance of content

InfoWorld article by Lynda Radosevich, December 15, 1997.

Destination: InfoWorld (12)
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December 15, 1997


Avoid the #1 Web Site Sin: Slow Loading Pages
September 97 AnchorDesk article on seriousness of slow pages.

Has links to advice on speeding up access (graphic tips, mainly).

Article needs information on other way to speed up pages, plus AnchorDesk should practice what it preaches.

Topic: Speed (10)
Destination: Anchordesk (5)
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September 15, 1997


Users Grapple with Pace of Web's Changes
Role standards play in affecting user experience in ever-changing Web.

HTML, CSS, DHTML and XML discussed in terms of using new technologies without regard to usability.

Article by Richard Karpinski, InternetWeek, on TechWire site.

Topic: Technology (18)
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September 10, 1997

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