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Page download and rendering speed is a big factor in usability.

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Fast Is No Longer Fast Enough

Destination: InformationWeek (7)
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June 5, 2000


Extreme HTML Optimization ... uages/html/optimize/index.html
"Every byte counts" attitude for creating pages.

Tips for squeezing every last second out of page download time (therefore improving usability), such as:

  • Removing extra spaces in the HTML that browsers ignore anyway
  • Simplify table layouts so they are drawn faster
  • Hand code the Javascript

Some of the suggestions are too extreme, such as breaking HTML standards.

By Andrew King. Part of the HTML Authoring area of

Topic: Technology (18)
Destination: (7)
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January 18, 2000


How Long is Too Long to Wait for a Website to Load? ... sabilitynews/1S/time_delay.htm

Destination: SURL (8)
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September 2, 1999


Nielsen's Law of Internet Bandwidth
You do not get to use the high-end bandwidth until 2003.

Bandwidth will not grow as fast as designers want it to. Thus, today we have these design implications of 50% annual bandwidth growth:

  • Aim at optimal usability over a 28.8 kbps modem
  • Minimalist design rules

Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox for April 5, 1998.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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May 5, 1998


The Need for Speed
ATW index of articles on making faster pages.

Articles discuss how fast is fast enough, overall site strategies and specific graphic techniques.

From 'All Things Web' by Terry Sullivan.

Destination: All Things Web (11)
Author: Sullivan, Terry (12)
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September 15, 1997


Avoid the #1 Web Site Sin: Slow Loading Pages
September 97 AnchorDesk article on seriousness of slow pages.

Has links to advice on speeding up access (graphic tips, mainly).

Article needs information on other way to speed up pages, plus AnchorDesk should practice what it preaches.

Topic: News (20)
Destination: Anchordesk (5)
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September 15, 1997


Internet Delay Effects
Effects of Internet delays on various users perceptions.

Perceptions studied: locating information, organization of information, quality of information, and navigation problems

General results: shorter delay, happier users.

Topic: Research (35)
Destination: CHI Proceedings (10)
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June 16, 1997


The Need for Speed
Making page downloads faster.

Includes table that shows while individual bandwidth is increasing, average speed is decreasing. Alertbox for March 1, 1997.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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March 1, 1997


Defying Akscyn's Law
Research on importance of swift link traversal.

Old research says 1/4 second is the right amount of time for going from one place to the next in hypertext.

Topic: Linking (10)
Destination: HypertextNOW (6)
Author: Bernstein, Mark (7)
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January 16, 1997


How Much Bandwidth is Enough?
Estimate of bandwidth needed to support a usable connection to the Web.

Jakob Nielsen adds up the requirements for audio, screen size, and other aspects of the user interface and comes up with the need for a Tbps personal connection.

November 1995 Alertbox.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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November 1, 1995

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