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Cost-benefit analyses and the importance of usability on the web.

How much money do you lose if you do not focus on the usability of your site?

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Usability Can Save Your Company
Usability research is exactly what companies need.

5 tips on how usability will save your company.

Destination: WebWord (25)
Author: Rhodes, John (13)
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December 21, 2000


The most powerful Internet metric of all
Usability is a key component of conversion rate.

Conversion rate is the ratio of people who actually do something at your site (buy, register, contribute) versus those who only visit.

User interface is one of the 5 important elements, plus usability factors directly into 2 others: performance and convenience.

"...conversion rate incorporates the total user experience, and advertising metrics alone do not."

CNET "Above the Crowd" article by J. William Gurley, February 21, 2000.

Author: Gurley, J. William (1)
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February 22, 2000


The Challenge Of Intermediates
'Trying to build a gazelle by gluing together parts of a giraffe won't succeed.'

Jeff Angus article about how usability processes will form the basis of "natural selection" of business web sites.

Right now there are "intermediates": beasts that will not survive unless they evolve to better suit users needs and quit mis-using the technology.

October 11, 1999, Information Week Online.

Destination: InformationWeek (7)
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October 13, 1999


Intranet Portals: The Corporate Information Infrastructure
Under-funded intranets need a single starting page for all employees.

Companies need to realize the value of an effective intranet and devote more resources to helping their employees find information and be more productive. The cost of poor navigation and lack of design standards cost millions.

An intranet portal should contain a topical hierarchy, search and archived news.

April 4, 1999, Alertbox by Jakob Nielsen.

Topic: Intranet (11)
Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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July 17, 1999


You Think Tomaytoes, I Think Tomahtoes
Studying how users think about information for an intranet.

Topic: Intranet (11)
Destination: CIO WebBusiness (20)
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June 25, 1999


IBM's redesign results in a kinder, simpler Web site ... ns/hotsites/hotextra990419.htm
Sales went up 400 percent with easier to navigate site.

Topic: News (20)
Destination: InfoWorld (12)
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April 19, 1999


Mazed and Confused
Bottom-line focused article on the value of usability testing.

The business case for making web sites that are easy to use: the benefits in traffic, sales and happy customers far outweigh the cost to do usability testing and other techniques.

This article specifically covers:

  • How much money a confusing site can lose
  • How much it can cost to make a site easier to use
  • When to hire outside help or do the usability testing yourself
  • Case studies from Charles Schwab (high budget) and Healtheon (low budget)
  • Other ways to know your customer

Topic: User Testing (17)
Destination: CIO WebBusiness (20)
Author: Kalin, Sari (1)
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April 4, 1999


Failure of Corporate Websites
On the average, the Web doesn't work.

Reports about Forrester Research finding from 20 major sites: half of the major usability principles were violated.

The impact on companies is millions in lost revenue from people not returning to the sites and not buying their products.

Alertbox, October 18, 1998, by Jakob Nielsen.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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October 28, 1998


Optimize Your Site's Usability
Impact of users ruling the Internet.

'...usability has become a core competency for business survival in the network economy.'

October 8, 1998, Anchordesk special report by Jakob Nielsen.

Topic: News (20)
Destination: Anchordesk (5)
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October 8, 1998


Discount Usability for the Web
Argument for teaching discount usability to amateur Web designers.

Jakob Nielsen presents some numbers to argue that it is economical to teach discount usability engineering techniques that are easy, fast and cheap to all Web authors.

Educating our young in elementary school may be the only way to avoid a Web usability meltdown.

Destination: (9)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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July 20, 1997

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