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ACIA (15 links)

Argus Center for Information Architecture.

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Software for Information Architects
Content management, portals, search engines, and more.

Topic: Tools (15)
Author: Morville, Peter (4)
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February 23, 2001


ACIA Content
Reviews of books of interest to information architects.

Topic: Books (12)
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February 14, 2001


IA Guide
Books, articles, sites about information architecture.

Major update in January 2001.

Based on bibliography from Rosenfeld/Morville's book, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web.

Can browse by title, author or subject.

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January 16, 2001


Synonyms and Taxonomies Seminar
January 19, New York and February 2, San Francisco.

Topic: Past Events (48)
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January 4, 2001


Information Architecture and Personalization
Controlled vocabularies as a foundation for personalization efforts.

Topic: Personalization (6)
Author: Instone, Keith (5)
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December 15, 2000


Information Architecture and Business Strategy
IA strategy can inform business strategy.

When we ask the hard questions about users, content and the context of use for an information architecture, this often feeds back into a better business strategy.

For example, sometimes the first time a company actually talks one-on-one with users is at "IA time". Yes, a lot of million-dollar business strategies are made before talking directly with potential users.

Author: Morville, Peter (4)
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September 4, 2000


Information Architecture and Ulcers

Author: Morville, Peter (4)
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June 21, 2000


Information Architecture 2000
October 26-27, 2000, California, USA.

My employers' own conference on information architecture. Major topics:

  • Politics & Metrics of IA
  • Designing an IA for Diverse Audiences
  • Best & Worst IA Practices

There was also a pre-conference seminar on Thesaurus Design.

Part of our new Center for Information Architecture.

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June 16, 2000


Defining Information Architecture

Author: Morville, Peter (4)
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June 1, 2000


Information Architecture of the Shopping Cart

Topic: Ecommerce (25)
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May 12, 2000


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Little Blue Folders

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ACIA Events: Information Architecture

Topic: Calendar of Events (5)
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