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Instone, Keith (5 links)

Items by Instone, Keith.

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Location, Path & Attribute Breadcrumbs
Definitions and research agenda for breadcrumbs.

  • Location: where you are, static
  • Path: how you got there, dynamic
  • Attribute: all of the possible paths

From my poster at the 3rd IA Summit.

Topic: Navigation (14)
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May 19, 2002


Information Architecture and Personalization
Controlled vocabularies as a foundation for personalization efforts.

Topic: Personalization (6)
Destination: ACIA (15)
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December 15, 2000


World Wide Web Special Interest Area

Topic: Profession (13)
Destination: SIGCHI (19)
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November 1, 1998


Usability Engineering for the Web
Applying usability engineering techniques to the Web.

My article in the Advancing HTML: Style and Substance issue of the WWW Journal.

Sections: Web Usability Engineering Life Cycle, Heuristics, Usability Tradeoffs.

Topic: Methods (16)
Destination: WWW Journal (5)
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September 15, 1997


Hypermedia Research and the World Wide Web Workshop
Report on a Hypertext '96 workshop (March 1996).

An attempt to bring together hypertext researchers with Web developers so that the Web can leverage what has already been learned about basic navigation and such.

Topics: Past Events (48), Hypermedia (10)
Destination: (3)
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April 2, 1996

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