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Personalization (6 links)

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Usability aspects of customization and personalization.

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Meaningful Personalization

Destination: theory (6)
Author: Baker, Adam (6)
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April 2, 2001


Information Architecture and Personalization
Controlled vocabularies as a foundation for personalization efforts.

Topic:  (27)
Destination: ACIA (15)
Author: Instone, Keith (5)
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December 15, 2000


Personalisation goes one-on-one with reality
Three flaws in Internet personalization.

Destination: Lighthouse (6)
Author: Walker, David (4)
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May 8, 2000


Web Personalization
Links from HTML sub-category.

Destination: (3)
Author: Kyrnin, Jennifer (2)
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April 2, 2000


Prioritize: Good Content Bubbles to the Top
'When everything is emphasized, nothing is emphasized.'

Alertbox for October 17, 1999. For lists, make sure the best items are at the top of the list. Add links at high levels of the site to feature deep content. Other tips to prioritize content for users:

  • Have editors highlight certain stories
  • Use sales numbers to bump up relevance
  • Track server traffic
  • Highlight the most popular items in a list
  • Use 'new' for recent adds to an older page

Finally, do not think customization is an easy solution for prioritization. Customization is good because it lets users pick what they want, but a solid understanding of your users and your content will help you give them what they need.

Topic: Writing Styles (13)
Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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October 18, 1999


Poor excuse for bad design.

Jakob Nielsen contrasts customization and over-hyped personalization. Options and natural intelligence win out over artifical intelligence.

Some of the limited cases where personalization can work are mentioned.

October 4, 1998, Alertbox.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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October 5, 1998

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