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Information Architecture - A New Opportunity
Benefits of objective, wholistic (vs. divisive) points of view.

Author: Das, Angshuman (1)
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December 22, 2000


Usability Design Tip: Do It Over
Redesign as natural course of wise design.

Author: Stein, Bob (1)
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December 20, 2000


Usability -
Articles and links about usability (under authoring / design).

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March 2, 2000


Extreme HTML Optimization ... uages/html/optimize/index.html
"Every byte counts" attitude for creating pages.

Tips for squeezing every last second out of page download time (therefore improving usability), such as:

  • Removing extra spaces in the HTML that browsers ignore anyway
  • Simplify table layouts so they are drawn faster
  • Hand code the Javascript

Some of the suggestions are too extreme, such as breaking HTML standards.

By Andrew King. Part of the HTML Authoring area of

Topics: Speed (10), Technology (18)
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January 18, 2000


Why You Need to Test Your Web Site with Real Users

Topic: User Testing (17)
Author: Wakeman, Lois (1)
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January 11, 2000


Designing Site Navigation
Addresses the main issues designers confront when building effective navigation tools.

May 1997 Design Lab article.

Compares Sun and Digital navigation on their home pages and on subsequent pages.

Topic: Navigation (14)
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July 24, 1997


What Makes a Great Web Site?
Rules of thumb on the essential characteristics of a great site.

Summary: unique, interactive content make it great. Other details pertaining to usability include use standarad HTML and be well organized.

Topic: Design Tips (41)
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November 18, 1996

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