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Research into how users navigate the Web.

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Location, Path & Attribute Breadcrumbs
Definitions and research agenda for breadcrumbs.

  • Location: where you are, static
  • Path: how you got there, dynamic
  • Attribute: all of the possible paths

From my poster at the 3rd IA Summit.

Author: Instone, Keith (5)
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May 19, 2002


Site Navigation Guide
More links about navigation.

Topic: Link Collections (21)
Author: Bhatgaonkar, Sanjay (1)
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January 3, 2001


Breadcrumbs for All
Code to infer site structure from directory structure.

Destination: (13)
Author: Burns, Martin (1)
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December 27, 2000


Seven Steps To Easier Web Navigation
Navigation tips.

Constance Petersen's April 2000 article has these suggestions:

  • Use standard icons, conventions
  • Avoid irrelevant links
  • Reveal structure
  • Leave breadcrumbs
  • Don't bury information
  • Don't be mysterious
  • Provide help

Destination: Designing Ways (10)
Author: Petersen, Constance (10)
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April 11, 2000


Is Navigation Useful?
Navigation is overdone on many sites; all pages do not have to link to everything.

Jakob Nielsen offers more advice on conservative design: have pages only contain useful navigation. For example:

  • Overly generic links do not help users, because the chances of needing any given link is small.
  • Strucutural links are good because they help users figure out where they are and how to go 'up'.
  • Links to related content are good because users often get close but then need to 'fine tune' where they are.

A solid information architecture is crucial, and the navigation can convey this structure to users.

From Alertbox, January 9, 2000.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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January 11, 2000


Mystery Meat Navigation
Rollovers for navigation make web pages that suck.

Vincent Flanders defines a term for Javascript rollovers as navigation elements and explains why this is bad. Links to a lot of MMN sites are included, and Vincent even takes jabs at the designers themselves this time.


Topics: Bad Design (12), Dynamic HTML (3)
Destination: Web Pages that Suck (1)
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January 8, 2000


Chessboard Layout Pattern
Two-dimensional navigation scheme.

Suggests ways to implement left and top navigation, including design strategies for high level choices:

  • Role Players
  • Actions
  • Collections or Histories
  • Business Decisions

By David J. Anderson,, June, 1999.

Destination: (16)
Author: Anderson, David J. (4)
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October 10, 1999


Website Navigation Bars

Destination: Ask Tog (12)
Author: Tognazzini, Bruce (11)
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October 23, 1998


Designing Web Navigation
Five tips for planning your space.

To help you plan your site's navigation, you should:

  • focus on goals and needs of users so you can predict what they will want to do
  • look at navigation that works (learn by example)
  • plan beyond the front door because the lower levels are where people will get lost
  • add shortcuts to support quick access for those who know where they are going
  • understand that everyone is different and try to support those differences

By Jennifer Fleming, from ANCHOR, a site devoted to the professional needs of the web development community

Destination: (2)
Author: Fleming, Jennifer (3)
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September 9, 1998


Losers Weepers
If visitors can't find it, they may decide they don't really want it.

Remember that your visitors aren't you, so don't organize information from the corporate perspective.

Article from CIO magazine, May, 1997. Includes examples from HP, IBM, Novell, and other advice on the benefit of human factors.

Destination: CIO WebBusiness (20)
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January 1, 1998


Designing Site Navigation
Addresses the main issues designers confront when building effective navigation tools.

May 1997 Design Lab article.

Compares Sun and Digital navigation on their home pages and on subsequent pages.

Destination: (7)
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July 24, 1997


Revisitation Patterns in World Wide Web Navigation
Empirical study of Web usage and how people go "back".

Patterns found: revisit pages just visited, access only a few pages frequently, and browse in very small clusters of related pages.

Results suggest new approaches to managing history in browsers.

Topic: Research (35)
Destination: CHI Proceedings (10)
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July 16, 1997


Age Group Differences in World Wide Web Navigation
Effects of age and training on efficiency and preferences in searching.

Results: older users took longer because they liked to start over again at the home page and they often revisited pages already seen.

Topic: Research (35)
Destination: CHI Proceedings (10)
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July 16, 1997


The Basics of Navigation

Author: Timberlake, Sean (1)
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