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Remember The User's Point Of View
Stories form HP, Google, Metavante, and a bit of history.

Topic: News (20)
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April 3, 2001


Help For Building Sticky Web Sites

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December 4, 2000


Fast Is No Longer Fast Enough

Topic: Speed (10)
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June 5, 2000


A Better Way For Web Design

Author: Schaffer, Eric (1)
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May 2, 2000


Consumer Centricity

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April 10, 2000


Usability On The Web Isn't A Luxury

Topic: Ecommerce (25)
Authors: Nielsen, Jakob (116); Norman, Don (1)
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January 14, 2000


The Challenge Of Intermediates
'Trying to build a gazelle by gluing together parts of a giraffe won't succeed.'

Jeff Angus article about how usability processes will form the basis of "natural selection" of business web sites.

Right now there are "intermediates": beasts that will not survive unless they evolve to better suit users needs and quit mis-using the technology.

October 11, 1999, Information Week Online.

Topic: Value (10)
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October 13, 1999

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