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Relationship between good content and usable user interfaces.

Since content is so important on the Web, it only makes sense that how that content is written is pretty important to how usable a site is.

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Beyond usability and design: The narrative web
Story-telling and building relationships.

Destination: A List Apart (3)
Author: Bernstein, Mark (7)
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April 20, 2001


Form Flexible
UI challenges for syndicated content.

Destination: (16)
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September 5, 2000


Building worldwide Web sites ... /library/web-localization.html
Do not just translate: localize your site.

IBM developerWorks article by Michael Lerner, September 1999. Contents:

  • Translate vs. localize
  • Consequences
  • Human translators
  • Machine translation
  • Cultural concerns
  • Technical issues
  • Language display
  • Dynamic sites
  • Multilingual maintenance

Concludes with "Ten ways to avoid localization pitfalls" and a list of related links.

Destination: IBM (9)
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October 30, 1999


Content Integration

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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June 27, 1999


The Undiscovered Craft of Web Writing

Destination: Lighthouse (6)
Author: Walker, David (4)
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June 8, 1999


Span of Attention

Destination: HypertextNOW (6)
Author: Bernstein, Mark (7)
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March 3, 1999


Web Pages Must Live Forever
Old content keeps users.

Keeping old content alive will more than double the value of a site and only cost a small investment in content gardening. Removed pages equal lost users.

November 29, 1998, Alertbox by Jakob Nielsen.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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February 5, 1999


Readability of Websites with Various Colors, Fonts, Styles

Topic: Research (35)
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November 11, 1998


Crap, Sucks, Turd, Puke!
Using appropriate language level at your site.

Advice on how to write in your users' language, elevated slightly so you do not offend them. Hire professional writers and invite criticism are other tidbits of advice.

November 9, 1998 "Moving WebWord" article by John S. Rhodes.

Destination: WebWord (25)
Author: Rhodes, John (13)
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November 10, 1998


Click Here: How Not to Write for the Web ... /studio/feature19980827-1.html
Click here.

Or, click here or click there. (You get the point.)

Netcenter, Computing & Internet, Web Building, Studio article by Drue Miller.

Destination: Web Building Studio (4)
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October 5, 1998


Impact of Data Quality on the Web User Experience
Effect of small data errors on usefulness of a site.

Incorrect data can foil searches and make it hard to find things. How to deal with data quality:

  • Do not retype and be sure to validate the data (especially the important stuff)
  • Make it easy for users to report errors
  • Work despite errors, like with spelling checks

July 12, 1998 Alertbox by Jakob Nielsen.

Topic: Issues (18)
Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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August 18, 1998


Writing for the Web

Destination: Sun (1)
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July 13, 1998


Writing for the Web
How users read on the Web, how authors should write their Web pages.

Conclusion: "Our study suggests that scannable, concise, and objective writing styles each make a positive difference in Web users' performance and subjective satisfaction."

Full paper, shorter report, and detailed study materials available.

Research project by John Morkes and Jakob Nielsen.

Topic: Research (35)
Destination: (9)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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October 1, 1997


Writing for the Web

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June 20, 1997


Language: The Ultimate User Interface

Destination: A List Apart (3)
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