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IBM (9 links)

Various articles by IBM employees and departments.

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Rapid Web Development ... pid/?open&l=804,t=gra,p=wr
Includes user interface questions to ask with printouts.

Also includes details on how to use CSS and XHTML in order to create flexible sites quickly.

Topics: Inspection Methods (6), Technology (18)
Author: Lewin, James (1)
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September 20, 2001


Making URLs accessible
Use reasonable naming schemes.

Topic: Linking (10)
Author: Seebach, Peter (2)
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June 15, 2001


Debunking the myths of UI design
Software development community beliefs addressed.

Some of the myths that are more common in web development:

  • User interface guidelines solve the problem of distributed design
  • Prototypes replace the need for specs: Or, sometimes, the released web site is the spec
  • Innovative design is better design: Different is better (more fun) in the designer's eyes, but different is often worse from the users' view
  • Good user interface developers can both design and code the user interface: The old "webmaster does it all" syndrome
  • User feedback speaks for itself; it does not require interpretation
  • The Web eliminates the need for interaction design or user feedback skills: Just because building pages and getting feedback is easier on the web, that does not mean special skills and attention are no longer needed

Topic: Strategic (22)
Author: Smith, Paul (1)
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April 17, 2001


How not to make your site accessible

Topics: Accessibility (19), Bad Design (12)
Author: Seebach, Peter (2)
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March 28, 2001


When Web pages don't work
Five steps to improve user experience.

The Prime Evils of user-experience design:

  • Confusing navigation and unexpected behaviors
  • Slow response time
  • Bleeding-edge technologies
  • Poor (or omitted) user testing
  • Off-the-cuff design services

Topic: Bad Design (12)
Author: Paul, Chris (1)
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October 23, 2000


It's a matter of style - GUI versus the Web

Topic: Design Tips (41)
Author: Berry, Dick (2)
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October 20, 2000


The user experience: The iceberg analogy of usability
Look and feel is only the tip of the iceberg.

Author: Berry, Dick (2)
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October 12, 2000


Building worldwide Web sites ... /library/web-localization.html
Do not just translate: localize your site.

IBM developerWorks article by Michael Lerner, September 1999. Contents:

  • Translate vs. localize
  • Consequences
  • Human translators
  • Machine translation
  • Cultural concerns
  • Technical issues
  • Language display
  • Dynamic sites
  • Multilingual maintenance

Concludes with "Ten ways to avoid localization pitfalls" and a list of related links.

Topic: Content (15)
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October 30, 1999


IBM Web Accessibility Guidelines

Topic: Accessibility (19)
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March 25, 1999

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