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Techniques on how to improve the usability of the web.

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Measuring User Experience

Destination: Web Techniques (20)
Authors: Ellis, Panela (1); Ellis, Steve (1)
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January 12, 2001


Building Web Solutions with the Rational Unified Process
Front-end (creative) work for back-end (software engineering).

Section of this white paper:

  • Use Cases Unify the Creative and Software Engineering Process
  • Requirements
  • Creative Design Brief
  • Navigating Map
  • Creative Design Comps
  • Web Design Elements
  • Initial Web UT Prototype
  • UI Guidelines
  • Full Web UI Prototype
  • Full Navigation Map

Authors: Ward, Stan (1); Kroll, Per (1)
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January 4, 2001


One Size Doesn't Fit All ... 1500/12.15.00feature5long.html
Understand your users from the psychological, physical, emotional, and cognitive perspectives.

Destination: Internet World (5)
Authors: Busse, Joy (2); Bulka, Jennifer Abbott (1)
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December 15, 2000


Keep Your Users In Mind ... 1500/12.15.00feature2long.html

Destination: Internet World (5)
Authors: Nielsen, Jakob (116); Tahir, Marie (2)
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December 15, 2000


Web-Based User Interface Evaluation with Questionnaires
CGI to conduct QUIS, PUEU, CSUQ, and PUTQ surveys.

Topic: Tools (15)
Author: Perlman, Gary (7)
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January 1, 2000


CamWorld Rant: User-Centered Design & Web Designers

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July 2, 1999


Get Fewer Hits

Destination: CIO WebBusiness (20)
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June 1, 1999


Microsoft Backstage: Planning and Testing to Satisfy Customers

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May 24, 1999


CMC Magazine: Web Usability
Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine issue with 3 articles on usability.

Final issue of this publication includes:

  • Usable?...Or Not?...Factors Affecting the Usability of Web Sites
  • Web Usability and Technology: impact for the disabled
  • Web Rings as Computer-Mediated Communication

January 1, 1999.

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May 5, 1999


The Usability Methods Toolbox

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June 10, 1998


Testing Templates for Web Pages
Research on testing template layout by Greeking content.

Fidelity Investments (intranet) study where content was literally turned to gibberish in order to test page layouts. Tests with users pointed out which standard page elements could be correctly identified with each version. A composite template was used.

Alertbox by Jakob Nielsen, May 17, 1998.

Destination: Alertbox (101)
Author: Nielsen, Jakob (116)
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May 30, 1998


Building a Quality Web Site
How to test for usability and avoid common pitfalls.

References to Jared Spool and Jakob Nielsen on these topics:

  • Concept prototyping
  • Paper prototyping
  • Interface design, with examples of applying usability heuristics to the Web
  • Involving the customer
  • Iteration is the key

Part 2 (earlier part in April) by Paul Helinski, for Web Techniques, June 1997.

Destination: Web Techniques (20)
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October 13, 1997


The Usable Web
All Things Web index to articles on basic user-centered design.

Topics include: simplicity, value of usability, and taking the users point of view.

Destination: All Things Web (11)
Author: Sullivan, Terry (12)
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September 16, 1997


Usability Engineering for the Web
Applying usability engineering techniques to the Web.

My article in the Advancing HTML: Style and Substance issue of the WWW Journal.

Sections: Web Usability Engineering Life Cycle, Heuristics, Usability Tradeoffs.

Destination: WWW Journal (5)
Author: Instone, Keith (5)
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September 15, 1997


John December's Web Development
This methodological approach includes 6 steps to help focus on user needs.

Six processes: planning, analysis, design, implementation, promotion, innovation.

Six elements: audience information, purpose statement, objectives list, domain information, web specification, web presentation.

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July 3, 1997


Web Site Usability Engineering
Web Techniques introduction to usability engineering for the Web.

Sections of the article:

  • Isms, plug-ins, and Java
  • Reading ease
  • Scrolling
  • Hotlinking
  • Structure and navigation
  • Identity
  • Text-only versions
  • Expired sessions

Part 1. Part 2 appeared in June. By Paul Helinski, in Web Techniques magazine, April 1997.

Destination: Web Techniques (20)
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May 1, 1997

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